Wednesday, August 5, 2009

art house co-op

I cannot believe I'm leaving for Italy on Friday! I can barely stand to write the word "Italy" for fear that somehow my lucky bubble will burst. I really am so blessed to get the opportunity to return to this beautiful, magical, inspiring country exactly one year from my last visit. . . . But before I go I wanted to share this cool project from art house co-op in Atlanta, GA. I've participated in past projects with the gallery, but this one is their bread-and-butter and it's in the 4th installment.

It's called the Sketchbook Project and it's a library of sketchbooks from all over the world. Each person who participates receives a sketchbook to fill with their art. The book is then returned to the gallery and will become part of a permanent collection, or library, that will tour other galleries across the United States. Visitors will be able to check out the sketchbooks, just like a real library book, and then check out the art inside. Pretty awesome!

Check it out here.
And then sign up and join us!

I'll be working on my sketchbook while I'm in Italy, for sure.