Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Those feelings the full moon brings...

feeling hollow

the waxy chocolate Easter rabbit
a colorful spring package
wrapped in cellophane.
until you bite off the ears
realize it's empty
a closed body
containing only space and air
not the sweet confection
you imagined
when you held it in your hands.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Breaking the Silence

It seems I took an unintentional/intentional break from blogging. I had been thinking about it. Wondering if I could do it. No writing, no reading, no catching up and wasting time linking and linking the day away, albeit under the guise of "inspiration". But I hadn't actually committed to the idea, when it just happened. I stopped cold turkey.

It's been almost a month and it's been strange. For sure I missed the writing part. I don't love the pressure of coming up with the idea of what to post, but I love the craft of writing and the personal expression. And, of course, I missed not knowing what was going on in my little blogging world. But I didn't give up all forms of social media, so I kept abreast of what most of my friends were up to, and I realized that the rest of it, well it's just gravy. And the world spins madly on, whether I read about it or not. There's plenty of places to find inspiration, including watching the waves roll in again and again on the shores of Miami Beach during a quick, spur-of the-moment girl's weekend or in the branches of the 100-something year old oak tree in my backyard.

And I realized that it's in these quiet moments that I can think my best thoughts. That I need time and space to formulate an idea and I need to give myself the gift of breathing room and that I need to make time to ruminate and write. I realized I like journaling more than I ever thought I did and that my blog is a different kind of journal, but an important record of my feelings and thoughts and writing.

And so I'll be showing up here again. And reading blogs again, but not as frequently. I need to look inward more often for my inspiration. I need to know that I am good enough, that my words are good enough. For me.