Friday, October 3, 2008

Gratitude Friday

Oooh. I almost forgot it was that time again already--until I read Amy's post and so firstly, I'm grateful she reminded me! Then in no particular order:

1. I'm grateful for good friends who make me laugh so hard at myself.

2. I'm grateful for our contractor who is a really good guy and is easy to work with (and YES, I'm hoping for a little extra good karma from this one so the rest of the project goes smoothly and quickly!) but I really do like him. When I pulled up from doing errands yesterday he was cutting some wood with a circular saw in my front yard and singing at the top of his lungs, "Dance all night until the morning come . . . day oh, dayayay oh, daylight come and me no want to go home!"

3. I'm grateful that the boys looked really cute for their school pictures today because, um . . . well we all know how that can so easily go the other way. Although we'll wait for the results and hopefully be grateful again in a few weeks!

4. I'm grateful for the smell of fall and the bright yellow and orange leaves that will blanket the yard soon. (not looking forward to the cold though, not looking forward to that at all!)

5. I'm grateful for my dog, Lola who makes me feel unconditionally loved every day. How can you not love a dog who smiles like that? (I swear to god I'm not really the kind of person who gets professional photos taken of my dog, but we were getting a family portrait taken and the photographer fell in love with her and $75 later, here it is. I had to.)


jin said...

Hullo lovely Amy! I have been meaning to write for ages, and then seeing your ADORABLE dog inspired me to de-blurk (or something...isn't that what you and Steph call it?) ;)
I am so in love with your dog! I would have done the same thing entirely!
x x x

jenica said...

i love this. and i love your contractor. i hope it goes quickly! collect some leaves for me if you would. ;-D

and thank you so much for your kind words today.