Friday, November 7, 2008

Gratitude Friday

Ahh, another Friday.

1. I'm grateful for J being home with us today so we could rake the gorgeous fall leaves that blanketed our yard.

2. I'm grateful for the laughter of my boys: the other day I ran in to Star*bucks* with C and my friend's 2 daughters. The girls were talking about how much they love when their mom lets them get a frappuccino. We were talking about other things when suddenly C said "Mom, can I get a Crap-uccino? We burst out laughing (as did the woman in line in front of me) and he looked horrified by his mistake. As we got in the car a few minutes later he said "Mom, I'm really sorry I said the beep-ucchino word." That started us hysterically laughing again! And today while we watched Madagascar 2 at the theater, E was laughing that laugh of his that always cracks me up. Their giggles are infectious.

3. I'm grateful for the progress on our house. I know how lucky I am to be able to be doing such a big project in this topsy-turvy economy. We are blessed with a lovely home, even when we're all squashed in one room and it's covered in dust!

4. I'm grateful for this fabulous fall weather. It's been so mild and warm, still not really wearing coats. I'm loving it!

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kristen said...

all good things to be grateful for. we live in such a lovely neck of the woods this time of year - we get to leaf peep every day!

it's been too long since we had lunch and i want to have you here for an artist date? next week perhaps?