Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Squam: Where to begin?

Seriously, where to begin? I feel as though it will take me days, months, maybe even years to sum up all that Squam was and is and will be in my life. But I've got to start somewhere and this is as good a place as any.

I lay there
melting into laughter,
splintered wood under my back,
breathing cold dark air.
A star slid across the sky
and I thought,
this is it
this is life
as it's meant to be lived
Blanketed by the Milky Way
and the love of good women
who never fail
to teach me
touch me
surround me with love;
heal me.

I closed my eyes
and those stars,
that lake,
the faces of those women
burned bright beneath my eyelids,
their imprint solid--
a night sky I can carry home
with the acorns in my pocket.


Steph said...

OMG Amy this made me BAWL! You've captured it, plain and simple, with the magic of your words and how you weave them together.

Thank you for bringing me back to that moment on the dock.


Anonymous said...

It was so great to meet you, Amy! I wish I'd had a few stolen moments with you, though. You also have to know that you're killing me with this Jack Johnson. Love to you....and Jack. :)

Jennifer said...

oh amy i love your words about squam, so beautiful. It so brought me right back to last year. I cannot wait to hear more of your stories and see all the beautiful things inspired by those moments. Lets get together soon.

Melissa said...

That's spot on, Amy. Great post.

Helen said...

Just lovely! Thanks for sharing.

Judy Wise said...

Amy, your words sum it up perfectly for me too. Stars and acorns in my pocket and a head full of beautiful faces that lift me up even in their absence. Beautiful writing - thank you. xo

MB Shaw said...

Beautiful poetry about Squam. You totally caught the essence of it.

I am wearing my button necklace today and I just love it. I am all dolled up. Naturally I had to stop at Wholly Tara (as I drove out) and got some new duds to wear too, tee, hee, hee.

Can't wait till next year...

jenica said...

uh huh! stars and acorns for sure.


Georgia said...

Mmmm. Your words capture everything so wonderfully.


Jamie said...

So awesome...
All of it...
and your way of words that makes me remember...
and FEEL like I am there again.
Love to you my dear. I've been missing you all this week.

Butternose said...

You are incredible! Please don't let that pen rest for too long!