Saturday, February 13, 2010


How did Noah’s wife feel
after the flood?
The waters abated
puddles of mud left in their wake.
All of those animals
must have needed tending;
must have been hungry, thirsty, filthy,
with their braying and screeching,
kicking and shitting
wedged tight in that vessel.
When was the last time she had slept?

I imagine her spirits were buoyed
when the rains ceased,
when the dove returned
with the olive leaf held in its beak.
At her first glimpse of land
was she desperate to escape,
tearing at her clothes,
muttering to herself
not nearly as proud of her righteous husband
as she had been a year before
when god chose him
and sealed her fate, too.

1 comment:

Butternose said...

Wow, I like this. In all of the teachings I have sat through, I was never taught that Noah had a wife nor is she depicted in any painting I have ever seen inspired by Noah's Ark.
Thank you for enlightening me today and now I must research about her so I can edumacate ;-) myself!