Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Female Blogger: Needs Inspiration

Help! I've begun to realize that I spend more time reading in the blogosphere than writing. And I always begin reading with the thought that it will inspire me to write my own post, but by the time I'm finished reading, I'm too tired, cranky, over-inspired, sure that I'm not as good, etc. etc. and I give up before writing a word. Last month my poetry experiment helped because I had a goal and some sort of deadline, and even though I didn't stick to it exactly, it was helpful. I'm a deadline kind of girl. I need to be pinned to a wall and staring at the clock, racing it to the final moment with that panicked breathiness and fear that I will not make it in order to complete a task. Phew. That is not great for blogging. I get caught up in the what should I write about, I don't have a photo, I can't get the words right, my life is boring kind of gremlins and then I don't write anything. I need a little inspiration. I need someone to give me some tips. How do you do it? How do you decide what to write about? What makes you sit down and write? What makes you come back to the keyboard and JUST DO IT?


Jamie said...

Media Strikes/Fasts.
Anytime the procrastinator is working more dilegently than the doer, I cut myself off for no shorter than a week. Any urge to go to the computer or TV is replaced with going to the table or to my journal.
I feel like I'm writing to myself here because I am in desperate need of a fast. Wanna do it together ? :)

Steph said...

"by the time I'm finished reading, I'm too tired, cranky, over-inspired, sure that I'm not as good, etc. etc. and I give up before writing a word."

OMG were you in my head??? That happens to me so often! Sometimes I'm able to stop myself and write my post before catching up on other blogs, other times I close my browser and write my post in my word processor.

For March I've given myself the goal of a once-a-week series as a little prod; it's worked for the past two weeks, we'll see if it holds. :)

And sometimes I'm like Jamie, and just need a complete break from the PC for a while to create without distraction/comparison/judgment, etc. It helps me come back to my own voice.

I hope these help! 'Cause selfishly I enjoy your writing.


Steph said...

Holy crap that was a long comment.

jenica said...

loving these comments too, i often feel the same way. between censorship and lethargy i just don't write the way i want to. but in the end i look at my kids and want to remember THIS moment, right here. i don't ever want to forget what it feels like to be overwhelmed with 4 chillin's eight and under. i don't want to forget the pain the joys the trials the poop the catastrophes the life.
and so i let go of the guilt of far gone blog posts that rattled around in my head. and i just write.