Friday, January 9, 2009

Gratitude Friday

Been a while, but I'm going to jump back on the gratitude train and start off the new year right (albeit a week late!)

1. so grateful for my aunt whose birthday is today. My dad's youngest sister who has always been more like my sister than his because she is way closer to my age and we totally get each other. She's a great one for advice, getting me through tough stuff, and best of all she's freakin fun! So happy birthday, Boo!

2. so grateful for my children, as always (or almost always; except when they whine and fight). E and C are hilarious, mischievous, smart, polite and 2 of my favorite people to be with.

3. so grateful for my husband who really and truly gets me through every day, especially lately with all the construction and having half a house. He vacuumed with me for 11 hours last week through mounds of dust and the "flea" incident. He does 100s of loads of laundry, he makes me laugh so hard, and he calms me down and makes me look at things like no one else can.

4. so grateful for my friend Lily. She lost her 6-year-old daughter, Samantha, a year and a half ago to a freak virus that attacked her heart. Every day when I look at her I see someone who has suffered so much pain but is still the strongest, most caring, kind friend. She puts everyone before herself and she shows us all that you can survive anything. ANYTHING.

5. so grateful for this planet we live on. Even when it's bitter bitter cold like it is today, I'm still so thankful to be breathing that air and getting the opportunity to try to make it a better place for our children.

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