Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So where is she? That little girl in the red sneakers and the braids, the one with the little knowing smile, taking her sister for a ride? Where did she think she was going? What far-away places was she dreaming of? Did she already know that there was a whole world out there, waiting for her? Did she sense where time and circumstances would take her? Did she feel afraid of the ways the world could hurt her or did she only feel brave and courageous and ready to take on whatever came her way?

I wish I could remember what it felt like to be me that day, on my tricycle, ready to roll in the hot sun. Ready to meet life's challenges and triumphs. I wish I could stop that little girl for a minute and hug her and say, "It will all be okay. No matter what. It will all be okay."

Maybe I can.


Jennifer said...

She is still there. Deep inside you. She is brave and she is strong. Don't be afraid to let her shine!


Amy said...

It's sometimes hard to see ourselves fully (believe me, I KNOW this) but I can see that little girl in you. Strong, steady, ready to haul your sister (or anyone else who needs you) around. She's still there. And some of us REALLY rely on your big-sister-ness.

The Other Amy

jenica said...

this is gorgeous.
don't children just live so abundantly, without fear or hesitation. we all need the gentle reminder to be more like the children.

love YOU

the camp said...

oh how i love red kids keds.
i adore you.