Monday, November 2, 2009

Painting in Process

Finally some time to paint and play. I modified a Kelly Rae Roberts technique and used some old letters and post cards I had been saving for the background, then applied gel medium and layers of paint before painting the girl.

I like the way it's coming along. The background is muddier than I'd like, and I'm still very hesitant when I paint faces. I'm not 100% in love with this one, but I like it enough and most of all I was glad to get a chance to spend a whole day with the art supplies out, a friend by my side, good music playing, and the rain coming down outside.

Can't complain, it was a good day.


Jamie said...

I love that you are painting and showing your work...
Can't wait to read a post a day! I tried one year and failed so I'm passing this year ;)

kristen said...

It was a good day. I'm hoping we can make this a regular thing.

jenica said...

she's pretty! and i love that you two got together to paint. it's so much easier to paint next to one who loves.