Wednesday, January 13, 2010


2010 has left me quite speechless so far. Can't come up with the words I want to speak, here or anywhere. But a painting I worked on yesterday and this beautiful bird of prey I was watching from my yard today brought forth these words, so I'll leave them ... for now.

We may never know what made Robert Book
take out his microscope to stare intently at a piece of cork.
But I am fascinated by his clear impression,
his comparison to a monk’s spare cell
and I wonder
how those thin walls create such a barrier
against external forces.
How those same thin walls prevent my cells
from expanding
from bursting.
I can only wish that someone
within my long ancestral chain
had made such a discovery,
left me the genetic code--
a way to place my fragile heart
into such a rigid envelope.


Butternose said...

Even your "speechless" words are beautiful!

The photo is incredible, too!

Thank you for sharing.

Steph said...

I love your words Amy. And I agree with Butternose... what a great photo!


Anonymous said...

This is such an amazing photo. Thank you, Amy! xoxo

kristen said...

i love this photo, birds of prey are fascinating to me...but i must know, was it a squirrel or something cute and fuzzy, (ie: rabbit) in its talons?