Saturday, January 23, 2010


I can't believe how quiet I've been here this month. Maybe it's because I participated in Nablapomo this year. And then December Views (a spottier record, but still an effort) and then January rolled around and the new year left me feeling still and silent and I haven't been able to find my voice.

I've been reading. A lot. More than I have in a long time (other than blogs, that is). I read this. Which left me heartbroken and feeling a bit helpless in the face of so much pain. And I'm reading this and this simultaneously, because something about reading a novel and short stories at the same time feels right to me. And in between I am reading this, for inspiration.

And when all the books are done, I'm thinking about trying to write a poem every day for the month of February. No pressure, just an attempt at stretching my creative wings in a different direction. Seeing where the road leads...

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