Friday, September 26, 2008

Rainy Day (Gratitude) Friday

So it's raining and gray here, and I had a WATERFALL in my DINING ROOM this morning. We are in the middle of construction on an addition on our house and we're about 3 days from roofing so when it rained last night, the water came pouring into our house, which wouldn't even be that terrible as they are ripping down that room soon enough, but it also drained down in to our finished basement and I spent the morning helping my father-in-law wet vacc the new rug AGAIN! Yuck!

So anyway, despite all that, or maybe because of it, I decided to follow in my friend Amy's footsteps and begin my own Gratitude Fridays. It seems to be easier to be grateful when things are good, but I like to find the silver lining--so here goes.

1. I'm grateful for the roof over my head, because even though it's really wet right now, I'm damn lucky to have one when so many people don't.

2. I'm grateful that my husband still has a job, even though it's shaky in this economy. His job affords me the chance to stay home with the boys and to do amazing things like attend Squam Art Workshops.

3. I'm grateful that I got to have lunch with a new friend today. We met briefly at Squam and had no idea that we lived so close to each other; so I'm hoping we'll get together more often and maybe even encourage each other to do some art! No more excuses!!

4. I'm grateful that school seems to be going so well for the boys this year. Even though it's a struggle to get them to remember their books and to help them study for those dreaded spelling tests and work on those tricky math word problems; they both love school and I don't have to drag them out of bed in the morning and cattle prod them out the door.

5. I'm incredibly grateful for chocolate ice cream and for the Guinness beef and mushroom pot pie that is warming up in my oven right now because what could be better on a rainy Friday!?!


Amy said...

YEAH!! I'm so glad you jumped on the gratitude friday train. Finding things to be grateful for really helps me to remain afloat.

Looking forward to watching your blogs.


Jennifer said...

Oh Amy sorry to hear about the water..but what a beautiful house you have. I cannot wait for our art date. Hope everything dries up soon for you. I think I am going to start back up my grateful list. Thanks for the inspiration.

jenica said...

love it all. well, except for the flooding. :-(

i need your snailmail, will you email me dearie?


blushing bird said...

Amy, you are such an optimist...I love it! I need to follow your lead.

the camp said...

seriously, this is your house! i am in love. how cute.

thanks for stopping by, how are you? i have to bookmark your blog so i can come back.

isn't that story hilarious. we are still laughing about it. we have a girlie too. her name is delilahblue. she is two and not to sure about oliver yet. i think she wants us to send him back!

happy thursday!